Green Job of the Day: Director, SF Department of the Environment (San Francisco, CA)

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Job: Director, Department of the Environment
Organization: City of San Francisco

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

The listed salary range is $131,326 - $167,596 annually (higher ranges offered under special circumstances. Applications are due by February 5, 2010.

[start excerpt]

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Subject to the policies and priorities established by the Commission on the Environment, the Director serves as the administrative head of the Department of the Environment. The Director is responsible for developing and implementing the Department's environmental policies, goals, objectives, plans, practices and programs and working collaboratively with other City agencies to promote the Commission's mission. The Director will plan, organize, direct and review the work of Department personnel; oversee the Departmental budget, including raising funds for the Department; establish and maintain effective working relationships and build consensus with the Commission on the Environment, public officials, directors and staff of other City departments, civic organizations, and the general public; work with state and federal agencies on environmental issues; cultivate and work with outside funding sources; provide a bold strategic environmental vision for the department and the City; ensure that innovative environmental policies are implemented, both within the Department and elsewhere; communicate with the press, general public, government officials, and professional and technical persons; and coordinate select environmental programs and special projects.

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