Green Jobs Network CEO Leonard Adler Selected as Impact Partner with Raise Green

Green Jobs Network CEO Leonard Adler has joined the Raise Green team as an Impact Partner!

Raise Green is a climate investment platform that connects investors of all sizes with climate companies committed to positive environmental and social impact. 

On the investing side, Raise Green enables you to invest in alignment with your values, starting with as little as $100. By investing through Raise Green you can join a community of impact, where people are leveraging their collective economic power to support companies dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility.

To learn more and get started visit Raise Green here where you’ll be able to browse from a range of investment opportunities.

On the funding side, if you’re an entrepreneur or part of a business that is interested in learning more about raising funds through Raise Green, you can connect with the team for a free consultation here.

Look for more Raise Green updates going forward. Thanks!

Disclosure: The author of this post (Leonard Adler) is an Impact Partner with Raise Green (see details here).

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