Sustainability Geeky Podcast Episode Features Green Jobs Network CEO Leonard Adler

Sustainably Geeky podcast

Green Jobs Network CEO Leonard Adler served as the featured guest on a recent episode of the Sustainability Geeky podcast. This podcast is hosted by Jennifer Hetzel, and provides information for the everyday environmentalist. Here is a summary of the episode,

The environmental challenges facing our planet will require a skilled and dedicated workforce. Leonard Adler, CEO of Green Jobs Network, joins us to discuss the growing employment opportunities in sustainability and social impact. He offers insights for students, current and future job seekers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Leonard also analyzes industry trends and shares his predictions for the future of the field.

Sustainably Geeky, Episode 65, Working 9 to 5

Here are links where you can listen to the episode. You can also listen in the player below.

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