New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Creates “Green Jobs Cabinet”

On January 21, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed an Executive Order directing key state agencies to create a "Green Jobs Cabinet" to support the state's clean energy and clean technology economic development and job creation activities.  The Green Jobs Cabinet will provide an initial report to the Governor by August 15, 2009.

The Green Job Cabinet will be chaired by Economic Development Secretary Fred Mondragon and will include Cabinet Secretaries from the Public Education Department, Higher Education, Workforce Solutions, Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources, the Environment Department, and the Agriculture Department, as well as the State Investment Officer and a representative of the Governor’s Office.

Individuals can also sign-up via this link to be placed on the mailing list to provide input and receive updates on New Mexico’s Green Economy Initiative.

The full text of the Executive Order follows:


WHEREAS, Governor Richardson has declared New Mexico to be the “Clean Energy State” and has adopted a number of Executive Orders to promote and implement nation-leading policies regarding renewable energy development, energy efficiency and conservation, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, namely:

1) Executive Order 2004-19; Declaring New Mexico the “Clean Energy State,” Creating a Clean Energy Development Council and Directing State Agencies to Support and Participate.

2) Executive Order 2005-33; Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

3) Executive Order 2005-49; Requiring the Increased Use of Renewable Fuels in New Mexico State Government.

4) Executive Order 2006-01; State of New Mexico Energy Efficient Green Building Standards for State Buildings.

5) Executive Order 2006-69; New Mexico Climate Change Action.

6) Executive Order 2007-053; Increasing Energy Efficiency in State Government by 2015 and Statewide by 2012 and 2020.

7) Executive Order 2008-028; Establishing a Strong Telework and Flexible Work Hours Program to Help Reduce Fuel Use and Taxpayer Costs.

WHEREAS, New Mexico has led the nation in addressing climate change through the creation of the Western Climate Initiative, a coalition of 11 U.S. states and Canadian provinces which have agreed to adopt greenhouse gas reduction plans, pass clean car standards to reduce emissions from vehicles, and to design a regional cap-and-trade program that will foster a clean energy economy;

WHEREAS, the national economy is in a recession and New Mexico must protect the existing jobs of its citizens and capitalize on opportunities to stimulate economic activity and create good, new jobs;

WHEREAS, New Mexico has a long and profitable history of responsibly exporting energy, is located at the intersection of three major energy grids, is blessed with world-class renewable resources like solar, wind and geothermal, and should serve as a hub for our national renewable energy market;

WHEREAS, New Mexico has attracted significant private investment in clean energy and clean technology and is home to a substantial and growing cluster of clean energy companies;

WHEREAS, New Mexico has been ranked fourth in the nation in Technology Concentration and Dynamism, according to the Milken Institute’s 2008 State Technology and Science Index, and has a strong and active venture capital community;

WHEREAS, New Mexico is home to nation-leading universities and national laboratories with expertise in areas such as renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, biofuels, smart grid and “green grid” solutions;

WHEREAS, the incoming Federal administration has pledged to create 5 million new jobs by strategically investing at least $150 billion over 10 years to catalyze public and private efforts to build a clean energy future;

WHEREAS, energy efficiency, clean energy and clean technology jobs are good jobs, generally well-paid, place-based, difficult to lose to foreign competition, and are critical to a sustainable future; and

WHEREAS, New Mexico must continue to demonstrate leadership in developing a clean energy economy in order to effectively compete for the private and federal investments that will ensure the financial well-being of New Mexicans for years to come.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Bill Richardson, Governor of the State of New Mexico, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of New Mexico do hereby establish the Green Jobs Cabinet, which shall be instituted as follows:

1. The purpose of the Green Jobs Cabinet shall be to prepare a statewide strategic plan for clean energy and clean technology economic development and job creation. The Green Jobs Cabinet shall consider, and quantify where possible, opportunities and strategies addressing:

  • New Mexico’s unique and sustainable competitive advantages in clean energy and clean technology;
  • Manufacturing of renewable energy system components;
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems at distributed and utility scales;
  • Utility-scale renewable energy for export;
  • Green building and energy efficiency contracting for residential, commercial and institutional customers;
  • Regionally appropriate biofuels production, research and infrastructure;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Research and development, commercialization and manufacturing of new clean energy and “green grid” technologies and solutions, identified by New Mexico’s Science and Technology Plan, for deployment in New Mexico and outside the state;
  • Statewide “green” workforce development pathways and coordination to ensure that all New Mexicans are well prepared for existing and future clean energy jobs. This may include the development of new curricula, educational and training programs, and communication of those programs between secondary and postsecondary education, and industry;
  • Strategies to mitigate negative impacts on New Mexico’s economy associated with increasing fuel costs; and
  • Opportunities to raise New Mexico’s profile and attract out-of-state public and private investment.

2. Membership of the Green Jobs Cabinet shall consist of:

a. the Secretary of the Economic Development Department, or designee, shall serve as Chair;
b. the Secretary of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, or designee;
c. the Secretary of the Department of Workforce Solutions, or designee;
d. the Secretary of the Higher Education Department, or designee;
e. the Secretary of the Public Education Department, or designee;
f. the Secretary of the Environment Department, or designee;
g. the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, or designee;
h. the State Investment Officer, or designee; and
i. the Governor’s Advisor on Energy and Environment, or designee.

3. The Green Jobs Cabinet shall consult with representatives of the New Mexico Partnership, the New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority, and other entities, including state agencies and local governments, as needed to implement this Order.

4. The Economic Development Department shall provide administrative support and staffing for the Green Jobs Cabinet.

5. The Green Jobs Cabinet shall seek input and recommendations from a wide range of stakeholders from the private and non-profit sectors to ensure development and implementation of a practical plan.

6. The Chair may form ad-hoc committees to address the work of the Green Jobs Cabinet.

7. The Green Jobs Cabinet shall prepare and present its plan for the Governor’s consideration no later than August 15, 2009. Thereafter, the Green Jobs Cabinet shall report to the Governor no later than July 1st of each year, unless otherwise directed by the Governor.

8. The Green Jobs Cabinet shall be an advisory body that makes recommendations to the Governor and in no event shall make final decisions regarding policy.

9. Green Jobs Cabinet members shall serve voluntarily and shall receive no pay for their services, nor shall they be reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses, unless otherwise provided for by law.

THIS ORDER supersedes any previous orders, proclamations, or directives in conflict. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately and shall remain in effect until such time as it is rescinded by the Governor.




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