Green Job of the Day: Director of Technology and Innovation, The Green Roundtable (Boston, MA)

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Job: Director of Technology and Innovation
Organization: The Green Roundtable
Location: Boston, MA

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. The complete announcement can be viewed here.

[start excerpt]

This senior position offers a wide range of creative opportunities. The Director oversees both project specific opportunities as well as general tool and resource development to serve sustainable design strategies. This Director mentors and provides technical support and in-house review to project management staff on a wide range of high leverage projects from master planning to individual buildings of all types. This position also supports the ongoing development of innovative tools, resources and educational materials provided to the community through NEXUS, our Green Building Resource Center. The ideal candidate has experience with building system analysis (energy and/or daylight modeling), building systems integration and a solid foundation in building science. A degree and professional experience in engineering and/or architecture is preferable. This person can also participate in GRT’s educational and policy activities as well, depending on their level of interest.

[end excerpt]

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