Green Jobs Network Launches Website for Climate and Sustainability Internships

Green Jobs Network has launched a new service for job seekers at

For 15 years Green Jobs Network has been connecting people to jobs, career resources, and community. One inspiring development in recent years has been the growing number of students and recent graduates who want to dedicate their careers to building a healthier and more just world. 

However, many students and recent graduates face challenges in obtaining their first job in this sector. And without a first job, many passionate and talented people are unable to break into the field. And this is a loss for us all as well as for the future of this movement.

To help address these obstacles GJN will begin launching new services to help people obtain their first job in this field. The first of these is a website exclusively focused on internships –

The goal of the initial release of is to make it easier to find environmental, sustainability, and climate internships, as well as related career resources. The site includes a selection of featured internships, internship programs, and one-click access to hundreds of internships via GJN’s job boards. And as GJN believes it is essential that people are compensated for their work in this sector, only paid internships will be included.

This is an early release, and feel free to contact us with any feedback, feature requests, and partnership inquiries. Thanks! - The Future is Now The Future is Now

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