Green Jobs Network Announces Latest Release of, Now Featuring More than 30,000 Jobs

Green Jobs Network is pleased to announce the latest release of, a job board GJN launched earlier this year that focuses on environmental, sustainability, and other opportunities to make an impact on climate change. Key elements in this release include:

🌱 More than 30,000 jobs. This website is now among the largest job boards focused on serving people who want to build a more sustainable world. You can find jobs in the private, non-profit, and public sectors, and remote and international jobs are included.

🌱 Climate Career Hub. A one-stop job search toolkit featuring a directory of career resources and easy access to GJN’s AI-powered career services.

🌱 Benefits for Employers. Quick & easy posting, bulk import options, and promotion to GJN’s 200,000+ audience.

🌱 Opportunities to Generate Revenue. GJN will be piloting initiatives to help more people generate income in the green/climate jobs sector. The first of these initiatives are available in the context of this release, with applications now being accepted for GJN’s affiliate and content partnership programs.

There will be ongoing improvements made to this site — feel free to contact GJN with feedback, content suggestions, or partnership opportunities. Thanks! There is a Place for You Here There is a Place for You Here

Access more than 30,000 jobs on Climate Change Jobs!