Features Resources for Green Job Seekers in Minnesota (and other States)

Earlier this year was launched by (Minnesota's career, education and job information resource) to serve Minnesota's green job seekers. worked with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to define a green job as one that has a direct or essential impact on a product, service, or process that results in environmental benefits.

They also organized green careers into five clusters:

  • Renewable Energy Generation ­ careers involving discovering and developing new ways of generating energy from renewable resources
  • Building-Related Energy Efficiency ­ careers in energy efficiency in the construction, repair, and operation of buildings
  • Environmental Conservation ­ jobs that protect the air, soil, water, and climate
  • Recycling and Pollution Reduction ­ jobs that reduce waste and pollution, both on land and in the air
  • Green Manufacturing ­ work that creates products that benefit the environment or that are made from environmentally-friendly materials

In addition to Minnesota-specific job search resources also includes resources applicable to job seekers in other states, including a collection of green career videos, green career profiles, and articles on multiple job search topics.

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