Mighty Buildings Completes World’s First 3D-Printed Zero Net Energy Home, Announces B2B Strategy Expansion to Accelerate Growth

  • World’s first 3D-printed home that is designed to produce at least as much energy as it consumes is completed in Southern California
  • Part of a future community of 40+ 3D-printed units providing environmental and economic benefits
  • Company expands strategy to focus on joint projects with developers

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mighty Buildings, a technology company that is transforming the construction industry by 3D-printing beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality homes, announces today that it has completed delivery of the world’s first 3D-printed home designed as Zero Net Energy (ZNE) from its inception. The company also announced today that it would expand its B2B operations to empower housing developers to build communities of sustainable homes at scale.

The 2-bed / 2-bath home is the first in the 40+ unit community in Southern California and the world’s first ZNE home built using prefabricated 3D-printed panels. A Zero Net Energy home is classified as a home that will produce at least as much energy through clean, renewable resources as it consumes. This sustainable solution provides important benefits for developers, homeowners, and the environment.

The Mighty Buildings panel-based system reduces onsite construction time by more than half, creating immediate value to developers and end-users of the home. Thanks to our innovative concrete-free materials, Mighty Home’s walls are made from 60% recycled material, require less material per square foot of home, and generate as much as 99% less waste than traditionally-built homes. Pre-production and ready-to-assemble kits minimize preparation and sourcing time, which creates additional benefit in light of scarce resources and supply-constraints.

In addition to the technical benefits, Mighty’s system also allows developers to incorporate beautiful unique 3D printed designs that people love to live in while providing climate resiliency. A Mighty Home is designed to resist hurricane winds, high water, fire, mold, insects and extreme temperature.

Mighty Buildings CEO Slava Solonitsyn commented:

“We are excited to be the first company in the world to complete what we believe to be the sustainable housing standard in the future. As a result, housing developers will no longer have to choose between profitability, quality, design and protecting the planet. The first 3D-printed ZNE home ever built is a result of years of R&D processes, including creation of a proprietary, certified construction technology and a revolutionary alternative to concrete which provides drastically lower thermal conductivity. Our manufacturing technology features a high-degree of automation and advanced robotics, enabling us to reduce the completion time by more than half. In this way, the entire home can be constructed within 4-5 months, significantly accelerating onsite completion and resulting in happier home buyers, more productive onsite workers, and higher returns for developers.”

To accelerate the transformation to climate-friendly construction, Mighty Buildings is focusing on B2B partnerships with home developers in the US and worldwide. This reach will enable Mighty Buildings to scale rapidly with communities of 50+ units in multiple locations.

Mighty Buildings COO Russ Atassi added:

“We are proud to lead the shift to climate-friendly construction, and we encourage the industry to join us for the benefit of the planet and our society. We are working directly with home developers to empower them with the technology to deliver bright, modern and sustainable homes at scale, to address the housing and climate crises head-on and with urgency. We believe we are just scratching the surface of what can be accomplished through robotics and 3D printing.”

Visit mightybuildings.com/zne to view the world’s first 3D-printed ZNE capable home.

About Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a construction technology company that is dedicated to transforming the way the world builds homes. By using automation, 3D printing, advanced material science, and other innovative technologies for offsite prefabrication, Mighty Buildings can build houses more than twice as fast, with up to 99% less residual waste, and reduced environmental impact than conventional construction. Mighty Buildings works with compliance and regulatory agencies to develop future-forward materials that are tested and certified to the most rigorous standards. Having initially proven its business model in direct sales to consumers, Mighty Buildings has now shifted to a partnership approach, collaborating with developers to build communities of single-family homes, in various configurations, based on its unique, panelized Mighty Kit System. Mighty Buildings is committed to making beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality homes a reality for everyone.

For more info, visit mightybuildings.com.


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