Many Americans believe investing sustainably can help ensure long term profitability, Schroders’ study finds

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Schroders, a global asset manager, today released the findings of its annual Global Investor Study which found that many U.S. investors believe investing sustainably can help ensure long term profitability, and that they seek out opportunities to tailor their sustainable investing options to match their personal beliefs.

Schroders’ Global Investor Study surveyed over 23,000 investors (including 1,500 in the U.S.) to gauge their sentiment on key investment themes and outlooks, with a particular focus on their views on sustainability, climate change and ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing.

Sustainable investing can drive long term profitability and positive change

Despite the divide emerging among certain U.S. states regarding ESG, this year’s survey found that 58% of U.S. investors (including 65% of U.S. millennials, ages 22 – 41) believe investing sustainably is the only way to ensure profitability for the long term. This may be due, in part, to concerns over the impacts of climate change on investments – when asked if they worry about this, 55% investors strongly agree or agree with this concern.

In addition to potentially driving stronger investment performance and mitigating risks, 62% of American respondents believe that sustainable investment can also lead to progress on challenges such as climate change. This is especially true among Millennials at 68%, compared to 55% of Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 74).

For example, U.S. investors are emphasizing the importance of investor engagement on climate issues. Fifty nine percent of investors listed general climate efforts (including Net Zero, decarbonization and physical risks) as one of the top three most important areas investors should engage with companies on. Natural capital, which includes efforts to mitigate deforestation and pollution, was also a priority issue at 59%.

Customization within portfolios is preferred, particularly around social issues

While general interest in sustainable investing is high, U.S. respondents are not interested in a one-size-fits-all approach and want to see options for personalization within their investment portfolios at higher rates than their global peers. In fact, 61% of U.S respondents (compared to 57% globally) indicated the ability to choose investments aligned to their personal sustainability preferences is something that would encourage them to increase their sustainable investing.

When it comes to sustainable investing priorities, U.S. investors closely align with the “S” in ESG. Nearly 7 in 10 American respondents (69%) identified human capital management (e.g., health and safety, wellbeing, compensation & benefits) as one of the top three most important areas on which investors should be engaging with companies. Forty six percent of investors ranked diversity and inclusion as a top choice, while 42% ranked human rights.

When asked on which areas they would most like their investments to have an impact, U.S. investors selected several “S” focused initiatives among their top choices, including:

  • Quality education (47%)
  • Good health and wellbeing (47%)
  • Clean water and sanitation (38%)
  • Zero hunger (35%)
  • No poverty (34%)

Fifty percent of surveyed Americans indicated that sustainable funds were attractive because of their personal societal principles, compared to 43% of global investors.

Calls for data clarity continue

Education around sustainability is important, but currently, the type of available information is overwhelming to the majority (55%) of investors. Despite 70% of respondents noting they have access to education about sustainable investment in general, over half noted the lack of transparency and reported data from providers around the impact of sustainable investments (55%) and the lack of clear, agreed definitions on what sustainable investment is (54%) as barriers to increasing their level of sustainable investments. This demonstrates that while there is plenty of information on sustainability available, investors still lack clear, comprehensible and accessible resources that explain ESG investing more generally, as well as within their portfolios.

This may make investors less inclined to seek out and engage with sustainability-related information. For example, while 7 in 10 investors have access to information around sustainability in general, only 43% engage with the information. Additionally, 66% of investors say they have access to data/evidence that shows investing sustainably delivers better returns but only 38% engage with the information.

A more standardized approach to education about sustainable investments in general may help curb this, with 54% of US respondents noting education would encourage them to increase their sustainable investments.

Marina Severinovsky, Head of Sustainability, North America, commented:

“Despite the divide emerging in the U.S., this data clearly suggests investors are coming to believe that investing sustainably is a long-term endeavor. Moving forward, it will be crucial to examine the decades-long trends around both environment and society, and how to align investment options alongside them, in order to tap into the opportunities that come along with change.

In addition, as asset managers look ahead, we need to evaluate our product positioning and seek to provide greater clarity on different investment options and to provide investors with the real-world context of the information shared. It’s time managers cut through the jargon and clearly position the impacts of challenges, like climate change, which are increasingly becoming real costs.”

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