Luxury Frontiers Announces New Project in Spain, ToroVerde Cuenca

A multi-faceted ecological resort to debut in 2025

SAN FRANCISCO & JOHANNESBURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luxury Frontiers is pleased to announce their appointment as master planners, architects, and interior designers for a new flagship project in Cuenca, Spain. Located just a 2-hour drive from Madrid and nestled in the picturesque Sierra de Bascuñana mountains, this one-of-a-kind ecological adventure park will host a combination of unique activities, entertainment, and lodging into one beautifully curated experience.

“We are honored to be part of such a significant project and look forward to applying our expertise around sustainability and context-sensitive design to this best-in-class development, “said Graeme Labe, Managing Director & Principal of Luxury Frontiers.

A collaboration between ToroVerde and Nayara Resorts, this new resort anticipates 5,000 guests daily in peak season and will undoubtedly give Cuenca a sizeable tourism boost with a global reach. Within the property, ToroVerde Cuenca will be divided into 4 distinct components namely a hotel, retail village, outdoor activities, and an innovative Eco-Track experience.

Operated by the globally renowned hotel brand, Nayara Resorts, the hotel component of the scheme will host a 5-star luxury tented hotel with panoramic views and sensitive integration into the landscape and natural forests. Luxury Frontiers is an ideal partner for this project given its fruitful history with Nayara Resorts, its current project with ToroVerde in Puerto Rico, and the firm’s drive to constantly push the boundary of the hospitality frontier without sacrificing comfort and style.

The retail “village”, with design led by Luxury Frontiers, will be integrated into the mountaintop and nestled between the rock outcrops and cliff faces with special emphasis on the scenic backdrop and natural features. This will be the central hub for all day visitors, playing host to multiple restaurants and retail offerings. Ricardo Vélez, executive chef of Moulin Chocolat & Maison Glacée, will oversee the gastronomic programming and operations. He is a renowned pastry chef and chocolatier who received the ‘Paco Torreblanca’ award in 2014, and in 2017 he was recognized by the International Academy of Gastronomy with the Prix au Chet Pattisier.

The activities component will be designed by José Manuel Pizarro, director of Pizarro Línea Vertical, and will be comprised of zip lines, adventure tours, and rope courses to name a few of the adrenaline-fueled activities that will become synonymous with ToroVerde Cuenca.

The final component of this project will be the Eco-Track. This is envisaged to be a first-in-class experiential and interactive trail network through the beautiful and abundant forests the site has to offer. Along this trail, which can be enjoyed by hiking on foot, e-bike, or eco-cart, there will be a series of stops and attractions for guests to interact with, including a food and beverage offering with a beach club and swimming reservoir.

Adopting sustainable practices is of the utmost importance for ToroVerde Cuenca and all project partners involved recognize that the project’s location is environmentally significant. For this reason, along with being one of Luxury Frontiers’ core pillars, the development will strive to ensure that sustainable practices are fostered through symbiotic relationships between design, construction, community, and conservation.

About Luxury Frontiers

Luxury Frontiers is a multidisciplinary firm which specializes in creating and designing immersive and sustainable hospitality offerings located in remote destinations all over the globe. The firm’s capabilities support inception and initial strategy to grand opening and beyond, with an end-to-end scope of services including strategic advisory, master planning, architecture, interior design, project management, and procurement. The end result is ultimately delivering successful concepts in today’s ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

Innovating the design space for the experiential lodging sector, Luxury Frontiers pioneers sustainable resorts, upmarket tented camps, eco lodges, treetop suites, and other rare and iconic hospitality structures. The firm’s international footprint, with offices in San Francisco, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa, currently spans projects and assignments in over 30 countries across 6 continents.

Luxury Frontiers has assembled a highly skilled, multicultural leadership team that has collectively planned and designed luxury tented projects and nature-immersed resorts for leading hospitality brands such as Aman, Belmond, Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Kent, Wilderness Safaris, and Ritz-Carlton, providing a uniquely global perspective and a deep knowledge of high-end resort conception, development, design, and operations. Driven to bring people closer to nature, without sacrificing sustainability or sophistication, Luxury Frontiers helps hospitality owners, developers, and operators create meaningful journeys for their guests through strategic planning and award-winning design. For more information, please visit


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