Growth in Green Jobs and Tips for Job Seekers Highlighted by MSNBC

Green Industries Offer Job Growth Opportunity is an article posted today on MSNBC that highlights the growth in green jobs.  The article includes a snapshot of two workers who are employed in the "green economy":

Samuel Pagan is already a beneficiary. This former steelworker now works at a wind turbine plant owned by Gamesa Wind USA in Fairless Hills, Pa.

Pagan was sick of the ups and downs of old-line manufacturing and saw wind as a growth industry. “I was looking for more stability,” he explains. He needed little training because he had assembly experience and was able to quickly step into his new career, doing mechanical assembly of mainframes for wind turbines.

“It’s a new industry and a new company and there’s opportunity here,” says Pagan, who admits he’s not really a tree hugger but just wanted a stable job.

Brian von Moos, business development manager for Borrego Solar Systems in Berkeley, Calif., has always been environmentally conscious and got into the solar industry for that reason.

Right after college, von Moos worked for a law firm and considered going to law school, but after traveling for a year he decided to go into renewable energy instead. He saw it “as a way to make a difference in the world. I’m passionate about the technology as a solution to pollution and global warming. I wanted to be a part of it.”

Pagan and von Moos represent the two types of employees that will become the backbone of the green labor force — former blue-collar and white-collar workers looking for new opportunities.

The article also contains statistics on the green job sector as well as tips for job seekers.

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