Green Jobs Network Launches New Service for Employers: Green Jobs Express

Green Jobs Network is excited to announce the launch of Green Jobs Express – The easiest way to post sustainability, green, and climate jobs!

This service is intended to help employers save one of their most important resources – time.

In GJN’s work with employers over the years we’ve seen a variety of pain points in the job posting process. Green Jobs Express aims to address a number of these and make it as easy as possible to post jobs on the job boards run by Green Jobs Network.

Posting a job with Green Jobs Express takes less than five minutes and it can even be used to post on-the-go from a mobile device. There are no accounts to create, passwords to remember, or need to retype job details.

Green Jobs Network is excited to offer this concierge service at breakthrough pricing. To celebrate the launch, pricing is only $99 per job and employers can select to have their job appear on GJN’s green jobs board, climate jobs board, or impact jobs board.

In addition, jobs posted with Green Jobs Express will contribute to carbon removal. Green Jobs Network is donating 1% of all sales from Green Jobs Express to Stripe Climate, which aggregates funds to increase demand for carbon removal.

You can learn more about Green Jobs Express and post your jobs at

A final note — Green Jobs Express is designed for posting of individual jobs. If you have a large quantity of jobs, send an email to [email protected]. We can easily import jobs from your website or ATS to save you even more time! ⏰

Green Jobs Express

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