Green Jobs Network Launches

Green Jobs Network is increasingly seeing previously issued warnings related to climate change becoming reality. For example, it was recently reported that July was the hottest month on record.

In the face of this reality GJN believes is important to not only continue to support job seekers in their career journeys, but to find additional ways to serve and advance our common cause. As a start, GJN will be amplifying and elevating voices that are focused on solutions to the challenges of climate change.

It is in this spirit that GJN has launched The initial focus of this website is to highlight podcasts that are: (1) providing insights into solutions to address climate change and (2) are currently releasing new episodes.

If people find useful the site may be expanded to highlight even more of the many great climate- and environment-focused podcasts that are available. If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to contact GJN at [email protected].

And on the topic of podcasts, GJN is working on developing a new podcast (the Green Jobs Pod). If you’re interested in collaborating or being a guest, please complete the form at Thanks! Listen / Learn / Act

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