Green Jobs Network Launches ClimateJobs.AI

Green Jobs Network has launched a new service for job seekers at ClimateJobs.AI. Features in this initial release are:

🌱 Robin, Your AI Climate Career Coach. You can have career chats with Robin and receive job search tips.

🌱 Job + Employer Ideas. You can receive ideas for employers and types of jobs in sustainability and climate that match your skills.

🌱 Quick Cover Letters. Writing the first draft is often the hardest part. You can use ClimateJobs.AI to quickly create a cover letter based on the job,
your experience, and the hiring organization.

🌱 Climate x AI Startups. There are people who want to use AI to address climate challenges. You can discover some of the startups that are working at the intersection of AI and climate.

Learn more at

ClimateJobs.AI: Your Climate Career Companion

Access more than 30,000 jobs on Climate Change Jobs!