Green Job of the Day: Smart Solar Program Manager, Community Energy Services Corporation (Berkeley, CA)

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Job: Smart Solar Program Manager
Organization: Community Energy Services Corporation
Location: Berkeley, CA

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. The complete announcement and application instructions can be viewed here.  Interviews will be scheduled beginning the week of January 12.

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Community Energy Services is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to building sustainable communities in the greater Bay Area through innovative and hands-on energy and building improvement programs.  We work in partnership with cities, counties, and utilities to provide these services in underserved and vulnerable communities.

We are looking for a program manager to run our new Smart Solar Program, a solar and energy efficiency consumer education program that we are piloting in Berkeley as part of the DOE’s Solar America Initiative. The goals of this project are to (1) accelerate the adoption of solar technology at the local level by engaging the City, vendors, consumers, community-based organizations, and regulators; (2) provide a model for other cities; and (3) promote solar technology among residents and local businesses in Berkeley and the East Bay.

The Program Manager will be responsible for designing, planning, staffing, and running the day-to-day operations of the Smart Solar Program.

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