Green Job of the Day: Senior Product Engineer (Mechanical), PanelClaw (North Andover, MA)

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Job: Senior Product Engineer (Mechanical)
Organization: PanelClaw
Location: North Andover, MA

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

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Company Description:
Headquartered in North Andover, MA, PanelClaw, Inc. is a two-year-old, rapidly growing company. PanelClaw's goal is to be the leading supplier to the global photovoltaic mounting system market. It will do so by employing cutting-edge engineering to deliver low cost and environmentally friendly products backed by world class customer service.

Job Description:
This individual will lead innovation; designing and launching new solar photovoltaic mounting systems and advancing current product designs. This is a hands-on role; responsible for engineering and design tasks, as well as all coordination and execution of the product launch and engineering change processes. Only the best designers and innovative thinkers need apply.

Essential Functions:

  • Design and launch solar photovoltaic mounting system assemblies and components
  • Manage, execute, and launch design advancements in current product lines
  • Maintain all product drawings and technical literature
  • Manage document revision control and ECN process
  • Provide support to PanelClaw’s technical customer service and sales groups
  • Work with purchasing manager and vendors to source products
  • Maintain expert technical knowledge of all PanelClaw product lines, competitors’ products, as well as the solar photovoltaic industry
  • Develop and maintain all product lifecycle files
  • Manage engineering standards and processes pertaining to ISO 9001 initiatives
  • Develop all customer support engineering tools
  • Provide technical expertise to problem-solving efforts with existing products and executing resulting changes
  • Collaborate with manufacturing and distribution team to lower COGS

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