Green Job of the Day: Senior Legislative Associate – Poverty and Climate Change, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Washington, DC)

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Job: Senior Legislative Associate – Poverty and Climate Change
Organization: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Location: Washington, DC

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. The complete announcement is available here.

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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a leading national policy institute, conducts research and analysis designed to impact state and federal policy decisions on a range of domestic issues impacting low and moderate income families. The organization has attained a national reputation for its unique capacity to blend rigorous, timely analyses with activities designed to enable policymakers in Washington and the states to make use of its work.

In 2007, the Center launched an initiative in recognition that climate change, one of the most crucial issues the nation faces, is likely also to be one of the most important economic and domestic poverty issues the nation will confront in the years ahead, and one of the leading budget policy issues as well. Emissions reductions outlined in climate change legislation would increase costs for home energy, gasoline, and other products disproportionately for low and moderate-income households unless measures are designed to protect these consumers. The Center has assumed a leading role in advancing policies that ensure that strong and effective climate change policies are sound from a low-income and fiscal policy standpoint. This initiative involves a team of senior staff at the Center, including the Executive Director, and activities include extensive research and analysis, policy development, legislative activity, and coalition work.

The Center is seeking a Senior Legislative Associate who will play a major role in coordinating the Center's multi-faceted work in this area, including monitoring federal legislative activity, communicating the Center's policy recommendations to policymakers and legislative staff, and working with a broad range of non-profit organizations to build an effective coalition to work on issues that intersect climate change, the federal budget, and low-income policy. The position also involves close collaboration with the Center's policy analysts who develop and analyze policy and legislative options and with the Center's communications team. There also could be opportunities to author or co-author Center analyses depending upon the senior associate's expertise and skills. Other responsibilities include drafting legislative updates and other written materials and providing technical and strategic assistance and information to state organizations that are engaged in these issues at the national level as well as at the state or regional levels.

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