Green Job of the Day: Program Associate – Andes Amazon Initiative, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)

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Job: Program Associate, Andes Amazon Initiative
Organization: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Location: Palo Alto, CA

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

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Summary Job Description
The Program Associate position will provide program and administrative support for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Andes Amazon Initiative. This position has a term limit of four years.

Initiative Overview
The Andes-Amazon is the world’s largest river basin and is the source of one-fifth of Earth’s fresh water. It is also the most abundant wilderness on the planet, supporting the world’s highest diversity of birds and concentration of primate diversity, one-third of all freshwater fish species, and more than 60,000 plant species, half of which are endemic varieties not found elsewhere. Today, nearly 20 percent of the intact forest in the Amazon Basin has been lost to logging, cattle ranching, mining, agriculture, and infrastructure development. Current statistics suggest that up to 9,000 square miles of forest are lost every year.

The Andes-Amazon Initiative’s goal is to conserve the Amazonian forests, which provide habitat for biodiversity and regulate the regional climate cycle. To achieve this goal, through the Foundation’s funds and the work of its Grantees, the Initiative must effectively manage 370 million hectares of forested landscapes. Protecting these areas will lead to the:

  • Maintenance of the climatologic function of the Amazon Basin, as measured by forest cover distributed among the six climate zones
  • Protection of Amazonian biodiversity, as measured by the distribution of forested habitat among the eight major ecoregions and 13 major watersheds

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