Green Job of the Day: Marketing Associate, Wahaso – Water Harvesting Solutions (Hinsdale, IL)

Green Job of the Day is a feature of Green Collar Blog which highlights a job opening pertaining to environmental or social responsibility.

Job: Marketing Associate
Organization: Wahaso
Location: Hinsdale, IL

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

[start excerpt]

Wahaso – Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc. ( is a market leader in the fast-growing water harvesting industry in the Green Building sector. We design and build custom commercial systems that harvest rooftop rainwater, greywater from showers and sinks and surface stormwater for non-potable on-site reuse in applications like toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up. We are growing quickly and are seeking an entry-level candidate for a Marketing Associate position to support our system designs and builds.

The successful candidate will have immediate responsibilities for assisting the President and Director of Engineering in interacting with our current and prospective clients. Initial engagement with clients involves situation analysis and consulting on the scoping of a water harvesting system. Other duties will include tracking prospective clients and projects and assisting with marketing efforts through our website, trade shows, speaking engagements, associations and more.

[end excerpt]

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