Green Job of the Day: Executive Director, Cascade Pacific Resource Conservations & Development (Tangent, OR)

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Job: Executive Director
Organization: Cascade Pacific Resource Conservations & Development
Location: Tangent, OR

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

[start excerpt]

The Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of Cascade Pacific Resource Conservations & Development, Inc (CPRCD) as a 501(c)3, including fundraising, organizational growth, providing oversight, direction and management to CPRCD staff and building partnerships and networks to expand CPRCD projects and programs in areas currently underserved. Duties of the Executive Director are separate but complimentary to those of the NRCS Coordinator with whom a strong team leadership partnership is necessary to achieve the goals and success of CPRCD Programs. The Executive Director will also work closely with the Board and Staff to provide support to all operations of CPRCD and to monitor its position in the local and national market. S/He will work to ensure the Board and staff are acting and making decisions according to the strategic directions established with the Board and NRCS strategic plan and will work in partnership with the RC&D Coordinator to ensure that all aspects of the NRCS annual area work plan and strategic plan are met. The Executive Director should provide leadership and support in project development, fundraising, organizational capacity building, and outreach to the community

[end excerpt]

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