Green Job of the Day: Director, Office of Environmental Quality (Dallas, TX)

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Job: Director, Office of Environmental Quality
Organization: City of Dallas
Location: Dallas, TX

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below.  The complete announcement can be viewed here.  You can learn more the city's Office of Environmental Quality at

[start excerpt]

The City of Dallas is currently seeking an experienced person to fill the position of Director for the Office of Environmental Quality. This position is appointed by the City Manager, serves under the direction of the Assistant City Manager and is responsible for managing a department of 30 employees with an operating budget of $1.4 million. The OEQ office is responsible for managing the various environmental regulatory programs of the City and monitoring compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations including the Clean Water Act (National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System and Oil Pollution Act), the Clean Air Act, The Texas Emissions Reduction Program, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (Waste Management), and the Toxic Substance Control Act (Asbestos, PCB’s). The OEQ is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the City’s Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), pollution prevention activities, Green Dallas Initiatives, public outreach on environmental issues, developing and carrying out education and training for employees, providing assistance and support to other City departments and coordination of environmental committees.

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