Green Job of the Day: Director of Sustainability, Washington University in Saint Louis (St. Louis, MO)

Green Job of the Day is a feature of Green Collar Blog which highlights a job opening pertaining to environmental or social responsibility.

Job: Director of Sustainability
Organization: Washington University in Saint Louis
Location: St. Louis, MO

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

[start excerpt]

Washington University in St. Louis seeks a director to oversee the university’s sustainability initiatives. The Sustainability Director is responsible for actively promoting and facilitating sustainability activities across the University, collaborating with students, faculty, and staff and relevant committees. Working with campus stakeholders, the director coordinates and advocates for Washington University’s integration of sustainable principles and practices into campus operations, procedures, and student and faculty activities. The director will be familiar with best sustainability practices at other universities and will facilitate implementation of similar practices and programs at Washington University.

[end excerpt]

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