Green Job of the Day: Chief Executive Officer, Delta Institute (Chicago, IL)

Green Job of the Day is a feature of Green Collar Blog which highlights a job opening pertaining to environmental or social responsibility.

Job: CEO
Organization: Delta Institute
Location: Chicago, IL

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

[start excerpt]

Since 1998, the Delta Institute has strived to transform the Great Lakes region into a vital center of the green economy. Delta is one of the first organizations in the region to recognize that a healthy environment and a thriving economy go hand in hand. As genuine “trailblazers,” Delta has been working at the leading edge of the green economy, breaking new ground to accelerate its growth and ensure that every community benefits from its potential.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer will continue to cultivate and nurture relationships with key policy makers, partners, funders and clients; further imbed the distinction of Delta as an innovator in environmental management and economic development; raise capital through grants, equity, financing and contributions to sustain the organization in the long term; and work closely with the Board to build capacity, diversity and expertise in areas of key interest.

[end excerpt]

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