Green Job of the Day: Business Manager – Land, Water, and Wildlife Program, Environmental Defense Fund (New York, NY)

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Job: Business Manager – Land, Water & Wildlife Program
Organization: Environmental Defense Fund
Location: New York, NY

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

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Overall Function:

The Business Manager is responsible for systematically managing the business aspects of the Land, Water and Wildlife ("LWW") Program at Environmental Defense Fund. The LWW program is one of seven main business/ program units at EDF. The Business Manger reports to the Vice President, Land, Water and Wildlife.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Oversee the operational and fiscal activities of the LWW Program to include: staffing levels, budgets, and financial management. In particular develop the annual budget, reforecast expenses on a monthly basis, monitor program revenue and expenditures, and develop reports as needed.
  • Identify problems related to expenses and revenues and ensure that they are resolved with the appropriate managers.
  • Plan and implement systems and procedures to improve the operations of the LWW program. In particular, develop approaches that ensure that regional and team managers provide accurate and timely financial information and are aware of the status of finances, grants and contracts.
  • Analyze processes and data and provide regional and team managers feedback on their financial performance.
  • Manage the preparation of written and financial materials for periodic reviews of the program by the EDF executive team, funders and Board of Directors. Ensure that the materials are accurate, timely, and appropriately identify challenges and opportunities in the implementation of the LWW Program’s work.
  • Through work with the LWW Program staff and managers, ensure that government and foundation grants and contracts are developed and managed efficiently, effectively and in accordance with Environmental Defense Fund expectations and in adherence with the conditions of the grants or contracts. Play a key role in reporting on government grants in conjunction with EDF staff members in development and finance.
  • Through work with the LWW Program staff and managers, ensure that hiring processes are managed efficiently and in accordance with EDF expectations.
  • Work directly with LWW operational staff to ensure their work is appropriately coordinated across LWW teams.
  • Act as a liaison with finance, development and human resources staff.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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