Green Job of the Day: Applied Materials Director of Climate Prosperity, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network (San Jose, CA)

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Job: Applied Materials Director of Climate Prosperity
Organization: Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network
Location: San Jose, CA

Excerpts of the job announcement follows below. The complete announcement is available here.

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We seek an experienced, highly talented professional to fill a named position at Joint Venture, a position endowed by Applied Materials, Inc. The person holding this position will be "The Applied Materials Director of Climate Prosperity," responsible for directing all of Joint Venture’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost economic growth in the cleantech sector.

To fit the bill, you will be a superb leader and gifted organizer. You’ll also be an entrepreneur bringing a start-up mentality to this effort, and have a gift for mobilizing both money and people. You’ll have an astute understanding of the public sector and the policy arena, and government experience will be a plus. You will also have equal command of the business world and experience in meeting the demands of the private sector. To succeed in this role you’ll be straddling both sectors and must be considered credible in each.

You'll need to be a skilled manager, capable of reporting to (and engaging) a large board of directors. You'll also need to show us evidence that you are a change agent, able to deliver results that are specific and measurable. To accomplish your mission you’ll also need to be an excellent writer and a compelling public speaker.

In 2008 Joint Venture was selected by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Global Urban Development to be the vanguard of a new national initiative - the Climate Prosperity Project. The project promotes the view that protecting the environment need not come at the expense of economic growth or living standards. In fact, "Climate Prosperity" argues that the opposite is true – that the global climate crisis is an opportunity to build new industry clusters, create whole new classes of jobs, and grow the economy while at the same time enhancing our quality of life and solving the world’s most pressing problem, climate change.

To accomplish this in Silicon Valley, we have created the Climate Prosperity Council, co-chaired by San José Mayor Chuck Reed and Accenture CEO for Northern California Chris DiGiorgio. The Applied Materials Corporation has provided funds for a person who will serve as the executive director of the Climate Prosperity Council, a senior executive position reporting directly to the Joint Venture CEO.

Broadly speaking, the Climate Prosperity Council and the Executive Director we hire will be responsible for projects undertaken on a regional scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, promote the widespread adoption of new technologies, and accelerate the growth of the newly emerging clean/green economy.

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