Green Job of the Day: Transportation & Climate Policy Analyst, Center for Clean Air Policy (Washington, DC)

Center for Clean Air Policy

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Job: Transportation & Climate Policy Analyst
Organization:  Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)
Location: Washington, DC

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below.  The complete job announcement can be found via this link.

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Transportation & Climate Policy Analyst
Washington, DC


The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), a renowned leader for more than two decades in the global climate change policy arena, seeks applications and nominations for a Transportation & Climate Policy Analyst. CCAP is expanding its capacity to contribute to climate policy solutions over the coming years. The new Policy Analyst will join the team working on these solutions through CCAP’s myriad policy programs.

For a decade, CCAP has been the thought leader on linking smart growth and climate change policy. Under the direction of Steve Winkelman, CCAP’s transportation program has helped state and local governments develop and implement climate change action plans, prepared a Transportation Emissions Guidebook to quantify savings opportunities, written policy papers framing linkages between smart growth, air quality and climate change, and facilitated stakeholder dialogues on transportation and climate change. Growing concerns about climate change and fuel prices have increased demand for CCAP’s work on smart growth, travel alternatives and climate change.


The Policy Analyst will apply research and analytical skills to the development of transportation and climate change policy. The ideal candidate will bring at least four years of relevant experience and an ability to work with a diverse group of stakeholders to craft practical policy solutions. Knowledge of smart growth, travel demand management and vehicles miles traveled (VMT) is required, but is only relevant if it comes with the capacity and humility to explain the issues in clear and compelling terms.

While this position will initially focus on supporting the VMT & Climate Policy dialogue and associated issues, transportation and climate change is an area of development for CCAP. Expansion will likely come in the form of technical assistance and training about transportation and climate change policies for states and municipalities. While the role will have a diverse set of tasks, examples include quantitative analysis on GHG reduction, research on federal climate and transportation legislation and policy, technical and policy assistance to governments, economic analysis of smart growth policies, assessment of data improvement needs, and development of performance metrics. This position affords tremendous opportunity to participate in the development of cutting edge climate change policy work.

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Also, the Center for Clean Air Policy has additional open positons – job announcements can be found in the Careers section of the CCAP website.

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