Elessent Clean Technologies Opens Office in Indonesia

New office in Jakarta to accelerate growth in critical region

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elessent Clean Technologies (Elessent), global leader in sulfuric acid technologies, announces the opening of a new office in Jakarta, Indonesia. The new office will be a core maintenance and reliability (M&R) solutions provider for sulfuric acid plants in the region, as well as provide a full scope of technical services to customers. Elessent’s Jakartan subsidiary name is PT MECS MandR Solution, and its official establishment date was December 7, 2022.

As the energy transitions persists, the need for metals like nickel and copper has grown significantly with the increasing demand for technologies to fight climate change. In recent years, Indonesia has secured its place as a top performer in mining these metals. As pressure mounts to provide access to these resources, more and more manufacturers are turning to Indonesia for supply.

“The Jakarta office is Elessent’s sixth location serving the Asia Pacific market. The opening of the office demonstrates our commitment to serving this critical region. We’re pleased to bring first-class M&R solutions to sulfuric acid production facilities during a time of significant expansion in metal extraction,” said Kanson Xue, Director of Asia Pacific, Elessent.

The global drive toward net zero carbon emissions has created an increasingly rapid demand for access to electric vehicles, wind energy technologies, batteries, fuel cells and other innovations to support this effort by consumers around the globe. The production of such technologies requires the use of energy metals, like nickel and copper, and the preferred method to extract battery grade nickel, for example, is high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) which requires sulfuric acid. As fossil fuels continue to be replaced by more sustainable measures, industry growth is anticipated for several years to come, and operators worldwide have selected MECS® technologies and proprietary equipment for their projects for decades.

“Elessent’s foundation was built, in large part, on the desire to change our world through sustainability and carbon neutrality efforts, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that our office in Indonesia will bring. We always strive to ensure our clients have the ability to meet their industry’s growth needs through the most environmentally conscious methods, and as a global leader in sulfuric acid technology licensing and expertise, our close proximity to clients will be a massive asset with the ongoing demand for battery metals.” said Eli Ben-Shoshan, CEO, Elessent.

The MECS® sulfuric acid technology has been in use for over 90 years in the phosphate fertilizer, non-ferrous metals (leaching & smelting), oil refining and general chemical industries. MECS® technologies feature breakthrough solutions, many of which have revolutionized the performance, quality and cost-effectiveness of customer operations. They include MECS® heat recovery systems (HRS™), MECS® SolvR® regenerative SO2 scrubbing and MECS® MAX3™ sulfuric acid production technology. Integrated into these MECS® technologies are proven specialty products such as catalysts, Brink® mist eliminators, DynaWave® scrubbers, ZeCor® corrosion resistant alloy products, and acid coolers all of which are specifically designed for the most demanding operating environments. Licensed and marketed by Elessent Clean Technologies, the MECS® technology is the world-leading sulfuric acid production technology with more than 400 licensed acid plants worldwide since the 1960’s. Elessent Technologies is committed to long-term customer satisfaction and support for the life of customer assets.

About Elessent Clean Technologies

Elessent Clean Technologies is a global leader in process technologies to drive sustainability and carbon neutrality in the metal, fertilizer, chemical and oil refining industries with an unwavering commitment to customer support. We provide extensive global expertise across our portfolio of offerings in key applications – MECS® sulfuric acid production, STRATCO® alkylation, BELCO® wet scrubbing and IsoTherming® hydroprocessing. Offering critical process equipment, products, technology and services, we enable an array of industrial markets, including phosphate fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, oil refining, petrochemicals and chemicals, to minimize their environmental impact and optimize productivity. We are dedicated to helping our customers produce high-quality products used in everyday life in the safest, most environmentally-sound way possible, with a vision to make the world a better place by creating clean alternatives to traditional industrial processes. Learn more at www.ElessentCT.com.


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