Tips for Finding Green Jobs

This article will provide basic information to help answer a fundamental question — how can a job seeker locate green jobs? First, a definition: In this article, “green jobs” will be defined as full-time, part-time, or internship opportunities that provide a social or environmental benefit.  These jobs can be in the public, private, or non-profit sector and include jobs in areas … Read more

Green Jobs Network Participates in Green Jobs Series on Triple Pundit

Green Jobs Network (publishers of Green Collar Blog) was selected to participate in a special Green Jobs series of articles on Triple Pundit, a leading sustainability blog.  Green Jobs Network authored the article Five Tips for Green Job Seekers, which provides practical suggestion for job seekers interested in jobs pertaining to social or environmental responsibility.  You … Read more

Finding Green Jobs (Part 3): Future Green Jobs

Parts one and two of the Finding Green Jobs series focused on identifying current opportunities.  The last article in this series examines strategies for identifying green job opportunities that may become available in the future. Part 3: Future Green Jobs 1.) Follow the Money One method to identify potential future green jobs is to identify where investments are being made … Read more

Announcing our new job board for Climate Change Jobs!