ADS-TEC Energy Announces Increased Flexibility for Installing its ChargeBox EV Charging System, Indoors or Outdoors

  • ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox Dispensers can now be used as part of an ultra-fast, battery-buffered EV charging solution for indoor areas, such as parking garages, showrooms or halls
  • The ChargeBox Booster outdoor battery system can now be completely installed at ground level, saving time and installation costs
  • No need for costly expansion of the existing grid infrastructure

NÜRTINGEN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ADS-TEC Energy (NASDAQ: ADSE) today announced two new installation options for its ultra-fast, battery-buffered ChargeBox system, increasing its flexibility for charge-point operators, who can now more easily install the electric vehicle (EV) charging system either indoors or outdoors.

As part of this update, the ChargeBox Dispenser can now be installed indoors. In addition, the associated ChargeBox Booster outdoor battery—which was previously installed partly underground—can now be completely installed at ground level. This minimizes the installation effort significantly, as digging or boring are not required, saving time and reducing costs. The ChargeBox Booster can be installed up to 200 meters (656 feet) from the grid connection point and up to 100 meters (328 feet) from the ChargeBox Dispensers, and the install requires only about 1.5 square meters (16 square feet) of floor or ground space. The system continuously charges up from even low-power electrical grids, storing and boosting the charging power up to 320 kilowatts for ultra-fast charging of vehicles within minutes.

Indoor capability for more applications

The ChargeBox Dispenser for indoor installation is a leading solution for use in locations with limited power supply. Customers and operators of ultra-fast charging stations can thus open completely new areas of use and expand their business models: The dispenser can be installed in parking lots and underground garages, as well as in showrooms and halls. Particularly in urban areas, many customers rely on underground garages and have limited outdoor space. Car dealerships can also benefit and respond even more flexibly to the growing demand for EVs and test drives. “We have had a number of inquiries from large customers expressing the need for ultra-fast charging of e-vehicles inside buildings in order to run their electric vehicle business even more effectively. We are pleased to be able to serve this need,” said John Neville, chief sales officer, ADS-TEC Energy.

Thomas Lächner, head of department sales representative EU, said: “This is a tremendous added value that further increases the attractiveness of our ultra-fast chargers and fills an important gap in the expansion of charging infrastructure in the available distribution grids. Our ultra-fast charging systems, which are not dependent on large grid connections like conventional systems, far outperform in many use cases – and total cost of ownership.”

The ultra-fast, battery-buffered ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox system often has proven to be more sensible and lucrative than conventional charging systems not only in existing buildings—where a grid extension for ultra-fast charging is usually too expensive, too time consuming or impossible to implement—but also in new parking garages and showrooms. Calculations at customers’ sites have shown that, in the long term, considerable savings potential can be achieved compared to a charging solution with corresponding new expansion of the existing grid infrastructure.

The new installation options are available now in Germany and are planned for other European countries and the US.

About ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy plc, a public limited company incorporated in Ireland and publicly listed on NASDAQ (“ADS-TEC Energy”), serves as a holding company for ads-tec Energy GmbH, our operating company incorporated in Germany (“ADSE GM”) and ads-tec Energy Inc., a US subsidiary of ads-tec Energy GmbH (“ADSE US” and together with ADS-TEC Energy and ADSE GM, “ADSE”). Based on more than ten years of experience with lithium-ion technologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and manufactures battery storage solutions and fast charging systems including their energy management systems. Its battery-based, fast charging technology enables electric vehicles to ultrafast charge even on low powered grids and features a very compact design. The high quality and functionality of the battery systems are due to a particularly high depth of development and in-house production. With its advanced system platforms, ADS-TEC Energy is a valuable partner for automotive, OEMs, utility companies and charge-operators.

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