“2008 Green Economy Jobs in Washington State” Report Released

On January 29th, Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire announced the results of a study completed by economists at the state's Employment Security Department, entitled 2008 Green Economy Jobs in Washington State

This report presents the results of a survey of more than 9,500 private-sector employers in Washington state.  The goal of the survey was to identify the number and type of jobs in the state’s emerging green economy and to establish a baseline measure that can be used to track industry and job growth in Washington’s “green economy.”  The study estimates that private-sector businesses and industries in Washington directly employ more than 47,000 people in green jobs, with approximately 87 percent of them being full-time workers.

The report defines green jobs as those that promote a healthy environment and energy security in four key business and industry sectors: energy efficiency, renewable energy, preventing and reducing pollution, and mitigating or cleaning up pollution.  The report can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

2008 Green Economy Jobs in Washington State

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