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Finding Green Jobs (Part 1): Job Boards

This article series will provide basic information to help answer a fundamental question — how can a job seeker locate green jobs?

First, a definition:

In the "Finding Green Jobs" series, "green jobs" will be defined as full-time, part-time, or internship opportunities that provide a social or environmental benefit.  These jobs can be in the public, private, or non-profit sector and include jobs in areas such as energy efficiency, green building, natural resource management, recycling, and renewable energy. This definition also reflects a broad view of sustainability and includes areas such as fair trade and corporate social responsibility.

Part 1: Job Boards

One method to identify green jobs is to review a popular source of job postings – online job boards.  In reviewing job boards, it may be helpful to think about them in two categories:

1.) General job boards

These are broad-based boards that cover many industries and sectors, and which will include green jobs. These include well-known sites including CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, Simply Hired, and Yahoo HotJobs.

2.) Green job boards

A variety of job boards focus on opportunities related to environmental or social responsibility.  These include job boards such as, TreeHugger's Job Board, and (from GJN).  In addition, there are job boards that focus on a specific area within the green industry such as Jobs in Wind from the American Wind Energy Association. 

Green Jobs Network was one of the first organizations to publish a comprehensive list of green job boards to assist job seekers.  This list is in the process of being updated — look for a new version soon!

As job seekers know, job boards aren't the only source for identifying jobs. Part 2 of this article series will examine the Hidden Green Job Market.


Finding Green Jobs: A Three-Part Series


Finding Green Jobs (Part 2): The Hidden Green Job Market


  1. JC

    Master in Electrical Engineering(1994), 3~4 yrs experiences in embedded system hardware/software development, which was 8 yrs ago. Just separated from the ARMY with some training in environmental hazards.
    To start career in green field, could someone give some ideas as to how to get into it?

  2. We are going to open up a green-collar section of our directory to cover energy efficiency, green building, natural resource management, recycling, and renewable energy.

  3. James Jirus

    As a Seasoned Purchasing Professional (over 30 years, mostly Aerospace) I am looking for a career in the Green Industry. How does one get into the Green field – my skills are transferrable to another industry?

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