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Green Job of the Day: Marketing and Events Manager, Prescience International (San Jose, CA)

Green Job of the Day is a feature of Green Collar Blog which highlights a job opening pertaining to environmental or social responsibility.

Job: Marketing and Events Manager
Organization: Prescience International
Location: San Jose, CA

An excerpt of the job announcement follows below. You can review the complete job announcement here.

[start excerpt]

Prescience International is seeking a Marketing & Events Manager to oversee and execute on the programs of the San Jose BioCenter (BioCenter), the Environmental Business Cluster (EBC), the BioExec Institute, and the Cleantech Institute.

Position Summary:
The Marketing & Events Manager will work closely with the Prescience Marketing Director and the Managing Directors of each respective incubator to plan, coordinate, and execute the events schedule and related marketing activities at the BioCenter and EBC. The programs range from internal one-on-one meetings, to client seminars (20 people) to public programming (200+ people) and provide an opportunity to interact closely with today’s industry leaders. The Marketing & Events Manager will also participate in the planning, marketing and execution of the BioExec Institute and Cleantech Institute.

This position requires initiative, high energy level, attention to detail, ability to learn quickly, ability to drive complex projects to success with outside partners, ability to handle difficult customers, and top-notch communication skills.

[end excerpt]

Growing Interest in Solar Classes Highlighted by the San Jose Mercury News

Classes on Nuts, Volts of Solar Trade Filling Up is a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News that reports on the increasing interest in solar classes. The article includes a spotlight on a class "Solar 102: Intro to PV Installation" offered at San Jose City College. In addition, the article provides data on current and projected employment trends in the solar sector.

For more information:

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