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“Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025” Report Highlights Potential for Green Jobs in Oregon and Washington

Earlier this month Clean Edge and Climate Solutions released a report Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025 that highlights the challenges and opportunities for Oregon and Washington to become leading centers for clean energy and energy efficiency.  The report also includes recommendations for action and outlines some of the benefits of these strategies, including the potential to create apporoximately 63,000 new jobs in the Pacific Northwest by 2025 in the following areas:

  • Solar PV Manufacturing: Up to 22,560 new jobs
  • Wind Power Development: Up to 6,000 new jobs
  • Green Building Design Services: Up to 16,834 new jobs
  • Sustainable Bioenergy: Up to 10,419 new jobs
  • Smart-Grid Technologies: Up to 7,000 new jobs.

“Clean energy is increasingly identified as the sector with the largest growth potential in the U.S. economy, and offers the best promise of meeting the twin challenges of economic and environmental decline,” said Ron Pernick, Clean Edge cofounder and managing director and report coauthor. “This report is a case study for how the Pacific Northwest region can seize a leadership role in the clean-tech economy.”

“To spark a real economic recovery, we need to repower America, and this region should be at the forefront,” said Rhys Roth, Climate Solutions’ Director of Strategic Innovation. “This report is a blueprint for how the region can become a global leader in clean technology – creating family-supporting jobs, regaining control of our energy future, and delivering real climate solutions.”

The report can be downloaded by clicking the image below:

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The U.S. Conference of Mayors Releases Green Jobs Report

At an Environment and Energy Forum in Miami earlier this month, The U.S. Conference of Mayors, Mayors Climate Protection Center released a report on green jobs. This report was prepared by Global Insight and states that the U.S. currently generates more than 750,000 direct and indirect jobs from the green economy and could generate 4.2 million such jobs by 2038 in the following areas:

  • Renewable electricity production: 1.23 million jobs
  • Alternative transportation fuels: 1.5 million jobs
  • Engineering, legal, research, and consulting: 1.4 million jobs
  • Commercial and residential retrofits: 81,000 jobs

This report also establishes a Green Jobs Index that the Mayors Climate Protection Center intends to update in the future.

“This report proves that being green is not optional, it is necessary for a healthy and robust economy,” said U.S. Conference of Mayors President Miami Mayor Manny Diaz. “Creating green jobs is an investment we must continue to make."

“We can now measure and show how green jobs and climate protection go hand in hand,” said Conference Vice President Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. “This gives us a glimpse into the future and the sizable economic benefits that will come from a green economy.”

“Through this groundbreaking report, the Conference’s Mayors Climate Protection Center has made a real contribution to the broad effort to redirect America’s energy and climate policies,” said Conference CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran. “The nearly 900 mayors, backed by the Mayors Climate Protection Center, are committed to bolstering Congressional support for global agreements to protect the planet.”

The report can be downloaded by clicking the image below.  A key findings document is also available.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Green Jobs Report

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Growing Interest in Solar Classes Highlighted by the San Jose Mercury News

Classes on Nuts, Volts of Solar Trade Filling Up is a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News that reports on the increasing interest in solar classes. The article includes a spotlight on a class "Solar 102: Intro to PV Installation" offered at San Jose City College. In addition, the article provides data on current and projected employment trends in the solar sector.

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“Job Opportunities for the Green Economy” Report Provides Data for 12 States

In June, a report entitled Job Opportunities for the Green Economy was released.  This report includes employment and wage data in 12 states for jobs related to the following green sectors – building retrofitting, mass transit, fuel-efficient automobiles, wind power, solar power, and cellulosic biomass fuels.  The specific jobs examined in each sector are:

Building Retrofitting – Electricians, Heating/Air Conditioning Installers, Carpenters, Construction Equipment Operators, Roofers, Insulation Workers, Carpenter Helpers, Industrial Truck Drivers, Construction Managers, Building Inspectors

Mass Transit – Civil Engineers, Rail Track Layers, Electricians, Welders, Metal Fabricators, Engine Assemblers, Production Helpers, Bus Drivers, First-Line Transportation Supervisors, Dispatchers

Energy-Efficient Automobiles – Computer Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Welders, Transportation Equipment Painters, Metal Fabricators, Computer-Controlled Machine Operators, Engine Assemblers, Production Helpers, Operations Managers

Wind PowerEnvironmental Engineers, Iron and Steel Workers, Millwrights, Sheet Metal Workers, Machinists, Electrical Equipment Assemblers, Construction Equipment Operators, Industrial Truck Drivers, Industrial Production Managers, First-Line Production Supervisors

Solar Power – Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Welders, Metal Fabricators, Electrical Equipment Assemblers, Construction Equipment Operators, Installation Helpers, Laborers, Construction Managers

Cellulosic BiofuelsChemical Engineers, Chemists, Chemical Equipment Operators, Chemical Technicians, Mixing and Blending Machine Operators, Agricultural Workers, Industrial Truck Drivers, Farm Product, Purchasers, Agricultural and Forestry Supervisors, Agricultural Inspectors

State-specific data is presented for Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In this report “green jobs” are defined as occupations that contribute toward building or producing goods to achieve a ‘green’ marketplace.  In addition, it links the idea that green jobs should be sustainable employment opportunities — that is, jobs that pay at least a living wage, offer training and promotional opportunities and some measure of security.

The report was authored by Robert Pollin and Jeanette Wicks-Lim of the Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and commissioned by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). It was released in cooperation with the Green Jobs for America Campaign, a partnership of the Sierra Club, Blue Green Alliance, United Steelworkers, NRDC and with the Center for American Progress and Green for All.

Job Opportunities for the Green Economy

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Worldwatch Institute Releases Report on Renewable Energy Jobs

Worldwatch Institute

The Worldwatch Institute recently announced the availability of a new report in its Vital Signs Update series.  This report, Jobs in Renewable Energy Expanding, provides information on current levels and future projections of employment in the renewable energy sectors in the United States and other countries.

Some highlights of the data are illustrated in the following chart (click the chart to view a larger version):

Worldwide Renewable Energy Jobs: 2006

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Green Job Research and Reports Section Added

A Green Job Research and Reports section has been added to Green Collar Blog.  This section contains links to a variety of reports and research that pertain to green jobs.  Please contact us with any feedback on this list. Thanks!

Green Jobs Highlighted by Blog

A Green Collar Economy is an April 21st post on the Blog that discusses the growing green job opportunity.  There is also a longer post (PDF) that includes statistics related to green jobs.

For more information:

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